Ballroom dance


I can easily say the sport of Ballroom dance has many benefits other sports do not offer. Did you know that an hour of Ballroom dance is greater than walking or jogging seven miles? It’s also an outstanding exercise for memory retention and is highly recommended.

Imagine dancing a slow foxtrot to Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole, the emotional lift is truly a wonderful experience. From smooth dances such as the waltz and the Tango to heart throbbing Cha Cha’s.  Dancing is also available to you through out the year regardless of the weather  in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Then there is the social aspect of it, feeling confident on any dance floor with any partner is a huge advantage. Almost all the dance studios hold weekly dances, so now you have a reason to dress up and look forward to making new friends in sharing your hobby. If you are learning to dance as a couple it is truly a wonderful way to spend quality time enjoying the same hobby together.

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