Salsa dancing

Salsa Dancing

Salsa is a extremely popular dance, fun & easy and a fantastic cardio activity.  It shares many of the same components of the Cha Cha  and same time identical to Mambo. Mambo is danced on the 2 beat as to where the Salsa starts on the 1 beat, so if you know the Mambo you also know the salsa. Generally speaking Ballroom and Latin dances use many of the same components so learning one dance helps kick start the next. That is the beauty of learning Ballroom,  it provides  solid foundation throughout the learning experience.

Have you tried the dance of Salsa yet?  If not don’t wait any longer and get started. It’s easy to to learn with only 3 changes of weight ( 3 steps) to every dance measure and most of the movements ( dance steps) are quite simple. You will find many of today’s top music suitable for a Salsa and if you happen to travel and or attend social dances it will provide you with a life time of enjoyment.

You may also use the dance at many studio’s social dance events mostly held on the weekends. This is a great opportunity not to only use your dance but to also see others use other Latin and Ballroom dances as well. This will give you an opportunity to perhaps fall in love with many other  Ballroom dances.


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