Learning the swing

The reason there are so many variants of the swing is due to its popularity. The rhythm of the music, old or new era is outstanding and the big band sound never gets old. below are some of the variants the swing.

  • East Coast swing.
  • West Coast swing.
  • Lindy hop.
  • Double time Swing.
  • Single time Swing.
  • The Jive.

For any reason, one can choose either of the dances like the location or the country and the social availability. Rest of the world will use the Jive which is really an East Coast Swing but much much faster with different disciplines. The Jive is also used here in the US but more on a competitive arena. In the US for most of us the East Coast swing general known just as the swing will be the most useful.

Now the West Coast Swing also known as the Country style of the Swing another variant to the Shag has grown in popularity, from the names East and West one can guess what part of the US did they originate from. Now how do you learn the swing? Well, do not start with swing dance lesson’s if you are new to dancing. First take a few lessons in the Foxtrot so that both partners understand the concept of partnership, lead and follow.

You see the Foxtrot is a lot slower than the Swing, it is where you can build the foundation and once you get to the Swing dance lessons, you already have had the basics covered. It’s amazing all the newcomers I have seen get turned off of dance simply because they had no business starting with a certain dance. Only if they had a few sessions before and got even slightly synchronized they would be enjoying the wonderful world of Ballroom dance.


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