learning curve

Everyone can and will learn to dance and not everyone learns at the same speed. Let’s just assume that your ballroom dance instructor will be seasoned and able to make you feel comfortable with partnership dancing. Once you have that going the rest only requires time. As mentioned not everyone learns at the same speed, in partnership dancing each partner should provide a positive environment for the other.

If one partner progresses quicker have the patience in allowing the other to get to the same comfort level. This is something I see a lot of if the male partner has his movement worked out, off he goes with not much concern. Again one has to remember this is not tennis, one is not playing against another rather two people working as one. Feeling comfortable & confident, always enjoying your ballroom dancing depends on two items, Lead & Follow.

Its quite natural for the ladies to start moving once the music starts, after all, dancing does require movement. This creates issues, should the man follow the woman or vise verse? The lady should always wait for the lead regardless of how long it takes. Once the male partner fully understands and can execute properly on time lead.

I will guarantee the ladies that you will enjoy your ballroom dancing all the time and much more than if you were making the men rushed. Often they will not return to ask you again, or if partners most likely lose interest. So ladies please have patience and give your partner a chance and enjoy a lifetime of ballroom dance!

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