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Wedding Dance

Past 30 plus years i have prepared around a thousand couples for their first dance. Funny as technology and use of digital media progresses the dance requests  becomes more complex. You see the concept of a first dance has been around much longer than you and i. It was never meant to be a prepared  dance nor a semi performance, it is a simple dance representing love and commitment.

I fully understand the marketing behind it, its mainly the dance studios and that silly show “dancing with the Stars” that has planted the seed. How-ever if you have seen the the frustration and the tension in getting prepared for something that should be a simple affair on your wedding day then you might think just a little like me. Of-course there is nothing wrong with being a little prepared and do take the advice i have provided below to heart.

#1- Keep it basic and enjoyable by choosing a slower tempo music.
#2- Practice time management by starting lessons at least 5 weeks prior.

Realize that most songs will be between 2 and 3 minutes in length. During which you will be dancing using your steps (dance figures) to maneuver around the floor. One has to lead and the other follow while dancing in perfect harmony and on time to the music. Let me also say that the men learn to dance quicker than the ladies. 

Prepare early, choose your song carefully and enjoy an unforgettable first dance as husband and wife.

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