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It’s amazing some of the first dance requests I receive from soon to be Brides. Where did good old cheek to cheek dancing go? Honest when I got married even as a professional I decided to hold my bride closely and just enjoy a slow dance. That dance is reserved for that perfect moment and emotion.

Versus some made up dance normally not created nor prepared well. There is nothing wrong with a clean and simple dance, a few dance lessons should more than prepare you for it. However, it should not look like a performance unless that is your goal.

Even though men progress quicker and excel in Ballroom dance, for a complicated routine you have to start training months prior. Most songs are 3 minutes long and that’s a long time to be performing. Pick your song and start your wedding dance lessons way in advance. Avoid all the unnecessary headache and the anxiety of having to perform by keeping it nice and simple.

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