Tango dance lesson

Tango is one of the most exciting dance in the world. There are varieties and standards of  Tango. Argentine Tango is a beautiful dance style with a very unique music.  How-ever unless one has other Argentine dance partners , you will not get much use out of it. Due to its unique style and moves, it can be danced very slow to extremely fast depending on one’s routines. I highly recommend searching Argentine tango on the web and watch a few demos.

Ballroom dance has to unique styles: American and the International, i believe the terms explain what they are. American style of dance is perfect for all social dancers including country & western. International style is not a competitive style, it is only a social dance for the rest of the world. Both the American and the International can get extremely challenging and highly competitive.

So what ever ambitions one has can be achieved, social or competitive and advanced dance. American style tango is most practical and depending on ones dance level the enjoyment increase. One thing it is not and that’s hard and harsh specially with the ladies… the ladies should always look relaxed with a fantastic smile, rather mad at the whole world. So be-careful of the impressions watching others dance improperly leave.