Swing dancing in Marietta

The triple-time Swing also known as the east coast Swing and generally just called the ” SWING ” Is an amazingly fun and easy dance. Once the basic movement ( figure) is learned 99% of everything ells in the dance will be based on the same rhythm and flow.

The swing can be enjoyed with a variety of music both old and new, country Western, Rock, Jazz, Modern and more… The Swing is the go to dance for social events such as birthday parties, weddings, holiday dances and more…

It is on the faster tempo when compared to other popular couple dances such as the foxtrot. However, it’s rhythm will never make you feel as though it is too fast to keep up with. You can enjoy Swing dances right here in Marietta, Georgia. Book your lessons in advance, either as a single student or as a couple. You will be enjoying the Swing in a short time.

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