Social dancing


Although the phrase social dancing covers a wide array of events. For most parts its as simple as dancing at a social event such as;  Christmas party, an office party, birthdays & weddings. Now the level of dance expertise used is often in question used to qualify how social it really is. Ones dance ability, novice to advanced should not be the deciding factor rather the event. You may see some that hardly can dance but are having a wonderful time on the dance floor. Then there are those few that are outstanding dancers, either self thought or have had professional Ballroom dance help.
Only subject which really matters is that everyone have the ability to step out on the dance floor and enjoy! Honest its not all that hard specially the slower dances. Self confidence is gained by repetition, with or without dance lessons everyone has the ability to have fun, wouldn’t you agree? Now for those that think they don’t look as good as those having had dance lessons I say big deal! Are you out to enjoy the night or compare yourself to others? 

Lets enjoy these holidays, lets dance and ask others to dance as well, just remember sitting on the side line provides no value at all.

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