Latin Dancing

Latin Dancing

Although there are varieties of Latin dances for learning Latin dance it’s always best to start with the most socially used dances. What i mean by that is the fact that some of the dances  like the dance of Merengue is not used much at all unless you happen to be on a cruise.

The time required and cost of lessons should be applied to dances that are most beneficial.  Dances like the Rhumba, Cha Cha and the salsa would be most useful to you. I know they are for me and i have been at it for well over 30 years now. I can confidently state that 90% of all Latin dancing revolve around those 3 dances.

Latin Dances

Rhumba is an absolutely beautiful soft Latin dance, the music is always breath taking and further more many of today’s music is suitable. Its really hard to go wrong with the Latin dance of Rumba. Cha Cha is a hair more involved than the Rumba and just as fun. It is faster than the Rhumba and again many of today’s music will be a perfect fit to the dance as well.

Salsa is a short version of the Cha Cha and faster, yet almost all of its movements are identical to both the Cha Cha & Rhubma. The beauty of Ballroom dancing is that learning one dance helps you with the next and so on.  My suggestion is not to wait longer and get started with learning and enjoying yourself.

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