Dancing Tango

Tango is one of the most miss-understood dance,  Tango is not this tough, rough feeling dance looking as one is mad at the world.  On the contrary its very soft and easily danced.  If your goal is to have stopping speed, burst  of movement, staccato etc…. Softness is your friend and harshness is the enemy.

 I cannot tell you all the times i see female dancers look as they are mad at the world. Looking and feeling stiff, no ability to move, Tension with a poor posture pulled a mile left and the left arm improperly placed ( hooked).  It creates a horrible dancing experience based on one partner, now ad in the male partner and it really goes off the wall.


  • Tango
  • Hooked arm
  • Posture

Tango: Dance it as smooth as the FOXTROT, Speed and staccato is only created by SOFTNESS.
Your conception, what your eyes see when professionals dance is an illusion.

Hooked arm: For international style of Tango where a couple is always in a CLOSED dance position.
Avoid it period … Its designed to work with perfection in International style only.
It will not serve you, it causes more problems and NO it does not make you look more advanced.
And yes i know many use it including American style competetive and professionals.
Most of you social dancers do not have the proper experience to resolve the dance position.
I can imagine all the people i am upsetting with this subject, how-ever, i happens to be the truth.

Posture: Stop leaning and looking LEFT, Stand up ALWAYS WITH A SMILE and present the man with a wonderful balanced posture.
The more feminine you look the more masculine the men and that’s the story of a good Tango.

Enjoy this wonderful dance by toning it way down.


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