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Swing dancing in Marietta

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The triple-time Swing also known as the east coast Swing and generally just called the ” SWING ” Is an amazingly fun and easy dance. Once the basic movement ( figure) is learned 99% of everything ells in the dance will be based on the same rhythm and flow.

The swing can be enjoyed with a variety of music both old and new, country Western, Rock, Jazz, Modern and more… The Swing is the go to dance for social events such as birthday parties, weddings, holiday dances and more…

It is on the faster tempo when compared to other popular couple dances such as the foxtrot. However, it’s rhythm will never make you feel as though it is too fast to keep up with. You can enjoy Swing dances right here in Marietta, Georgia. Book your lessons in advance, either as a single student or as a couple. You will be enjoying the Swing in a short time.

Dancing Tango

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Dancing Tango

Tango is one of the most miss-understood dance,  Tango is not this tough, rough feeling dance looking as one is mad at the world.  On the contrary its very soft and easily danced.  If your goal is to have stopping speed, burst  of movement, staccato etc…. Softness is your friend and harshness is the enemy.

 I cannot tell you all the times i see female dancers look as they are mad at the world. Looking and feeling stiff, no ability to move, Tension with a poor posture pulled a mile left and the left arm improperly placed ( hooked).  It creates a horrible dancing experience based on one partner, now ad in the male partner and it really goes off the wall.


  • Tango
  • Hooked arm
  • Posture

Tango: Dance it as smooth as the FOXTROT, Speed and staccato is only created by SOFTNESS.
Your conception, what your eyes see when professionals dance is an illusion.

Hooked arm: For international style of Tango where a couple is always in a CLOSED dance position.
Avoid it period … Its designed to work with perfection in International style only.
It will not serve you, it causes more problems and NO it does not make you look more advanced.
And yes i know many use it including American style competetive and professionals.
Most of you social dancers do not have the proper experience to resolve the dance position.
I can imagine all the people i am upsetting with this subject, how-ever, i happens to be the truth.

Posture: Stop leaning and looking LEFT, Stand up ALWAYS WITH A SMILE and present the man with a wonderful balanced posture.
The more feminine you look the more masculine the men and that’s the story of a good Tango.

Enjoy this wonderful dance by toning it way down.


Advance Ballroom

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Advance Ballroom

If you are ready to consider advance Ballroom dance,  take the time to have your goals written down. Prioritize your goals in a fashion which suits your needs best. Do you really have a need to learn the Viennese Waltz or the Quickstep? What are your favorite dances and where will you be using your dancing the most.

You see time is money and having a goal is extremely important. There are times when your teacher/coach will have suggestion’s to speed up your learning progress. How-ever the dances and the styles are your choice.  I am assuming you have a few years of Ballroom dance experience and a good idea of the desired direction you seek.


Our discussion is about a dancer that is:

  • Experienced
  • Has a plan
  • Time to commit

 Most cases backtracking is needed, taking the time to fully understand and execute technical requirements. You would be amazed how much easier dancing becomes when using all the needed techniques. By the way, techniques are not hard nor boring, you will find it to be the most valuable part of ballroom dancing.

Learning the swing

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Learning the swing

The reason there are so many variants of the swing is due to its popularity. The rhythm of the music, old or new era is outstanding and the big band sound never gets old. below are some of the variants the swing.

  • East Coast swing.
  • West Coast swing.
  • Lindy hop.
  • Double time Swing.
  • Single time Swing.
  • The Jive.

For any reason, one can choose either of the dances like the location or the country and the social availability. Rest of the world will use the Jive which is really an East Coast Swing but much much faster with different disciplines. The Jive is also used here in the US but more on a competitive arena. In the US for most of us the East Coast swing general known just as the swing will be the most useful.

Now the West Coast Swing also known as the Country style of the Swing another variant to the Shag has grown in popularity, from the names East and West one can guess what part of the US did they originate from. Now how do you learn the swing? Well, do not start with swing dance lesson’s if you are new to dancing. First take a few lessons in the Foxtrot so that both partners understand the concept of partnership, lead and follow.

You see the Foxtrot is a lot slower than the Swing, it is where you can build the foundation and once you get to the Swing dance lessons, you already have had the basics covered. It’s amazing all the newcomers I have seen get turned off of dance simply because they had no business starting with a certain dance. Only if they had a few sessions before and got even slightly synchronized they would be enjoying the wonderful world of Ballroom dance.


wedding dancers

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wedding dancers

It’s amazing some of the first dance requests I receive from soon to be Brides. Where did good old cheek to cheek dancing go? Honest when I got married even as a professional I decided to hold my bride closely and just enjoy a slow dance. That dance is reserved for that perfect moment and emotion.

Versus some made up dance normally not created nor prepared well. There is nothing wrong with a clean and simple dance, a few dance lessons should more than prepare you for it. However, it should not look like a performance unless that is your goal.

Even though men progress quicker and excel in Ballroom dance, for a complicated routine you have to start training months prior. Most songs are 3 minutes long and that’s a long time to be performing. Pick your song and start your wedding dance lessons way in advance. Avoid all the unnecessary headache and the anxiety of having to perform by keeping it nice and simple.

Salsa dancing

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Salsa dancing

Salsa Dancing

Salsa is a extremely popular dance, fun & easy and a fantastic cardio activity.  It shares many of the same components of the Cha Cha  and same time identical to Mambo. Mambo is danced on the 2 beat as to where the Salsa starts on the 1 beat, so if you know the Mambo you also know the salsa. Generally speaking Ballroom and Latin dances use many of the same components so learning one dance helps kick start the next. That is the beauty of learning Ballroom,  it provides  solid foundation throughout the learning experience.

Have you tried the dance of Salsa yet?  If not don’t wait any longer and get started. It’s easy to to learn with only 3 changes of weight ( 3 steps) to every dance measure and most of the movements ( dance steps) are quite simple. You will find many of today’s top music suitable for a Salsa and if you happen to travel and or attend social dances it will provide you with a life time of enjoyment.

You may also use the dance at many studio’s social dance events mostly held on the weekends. This is a great opportunity not to only use your dance but to also see others use other Latin and Ballroom dances as well. This will give you an opportunity to perhaps fall in love with many other  Ballroom dances.


Social dancing

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Social dancing


Although the phrase social dancing covers a wide array of events. For most parts its as simple as dancing at a social event such as;  Christmas party, an office party, birthdays & weddings. Now the level of dance expertise used is often in question used to qualify how social it really is. Ones dance ability, novice to advanced should not be the deciding factor rather the event. You may see some that hardly can dance but are having a wonderful time on the dance floor. Then there are those few that are outstanding dancers, either self thought or have had professional Ballroom dance help.
Only subject which really matters is that everyone have the ability to step out on the dance floor and enjoy! Honest its not all that hard specially the slower dances. Self confidence is gained by repetition, with or without dance lessons everyone has the ability to have fun, wouldn’t you agree? Now for those that think they don’t look as good as those having had dance lessons I say big deal! Are you out to enjoy the night or compare yourself to others? 

Lets enjoy these holidays, lets dance and ask others to dance as well, just remember sitting on the side line provides no value at all.

Ballroom dance

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Ballroom dance


I can easily say the sport of Ballroom dance has many benefits other sports do not offer. Did you know that an hour of Ballroom dance is greater than walking or jogging seven miles? It’s also an outstanding exercise for memory retention and is highly recommended.

Imagine dancing a slow foxtrot to Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole, the emotional lift is truly a wonderful experience. From smooth dances such as the waltz and the Tango to heart throbbing Cha Cha’s.  Dancing is also available to you through out the year regardless of the weather  in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Then there is the social aspect of it, feeling confident on any dance floor with any partner is a huge advantage. Almost all the dance studios hold weekly dances, so now you have a reason to dress up and look forward to making new friends in sharing your hobby. If you are learning to dance as a couple it is truly a wonderful way to spend quality time enjoying the same hobby together.

Latin Dancing

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Latin Dancing

Latin Dancing

Although there are varieties of Latin dances for learning Latin dance it’s always best to start with the most socially used dances. What I mean by that is the fact that some of the dances like the dance of Merengue are not used much at all unless you happen to be on a cruise. The time required and cost of lessons should be applied to dances that are most beneficial. Dances like the Rhumba, Cha Cha and the salsa would be most useful to you. I know they are for me and I have been at it for well over 30 years now. I can confidently state that 90% of all Latin dancing revolves around those 3 dances.

Latin Dances

Rhumba is an absolutely beautiful soft Latin dance, the music is always breathtaking and furthermore many of today’s music is suitable. It’s really hard to go wrong with the Latin dance of Rumba. Cha Cha is a hair more involved than the Rumba and just as fun. It is faster than the Rhumba and again many of today’s music will be a perfect fit for the dance as well. Salsa is a short version of the Cha Cha and faster, yet almost all of its movements are identical to both the Cha Cha & Rhumba. The beauty of Ballroom dancing is that learning one dance helps you with the next and so on. My suggestion is not to wait longer and get started with learning and enjoying yourself.

learning curve

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Everyone can and will learn to dance and not everyone learns at the same speed. Let’s just assume that your ballroom dance instructor will be seasoned and able to make you feel comfortable with partnership dancing. Once you have that going the rest only requires time. As mentioned not everyone learns at the same speed, in partnership dancing each partner should provide a positive environment for the other.

If one partner progresses quicker have the patience in allowing the other to get to the same comfort level. This is something I see a lot of if the male partner has his movement worked out, off he goes with not much concern. Again one has to remember this is not tennis, one is not playing against another rather two people working as one. Feeling comfortable & confident, always enjoying your ballroom dancing depends on two items, Lead & Follow.

Its quite natural for the ladies to start moving once the music starts, after all, dancing does require movement. This creates issues, should the man follow the woman or vise verse? The lady should always wait for the lead regardless of how long it takes. Once the male partner fully understands and can execute properly on time lead.

I will guarantee the ladies that you will enjoy your ballroom dancing all the time and much more than if you were making the men rushed. Often they will not return to ask you again, or if partners most likely lose interest. So ladies please have patience and give your partner a chance and enjoy a lifetime of ballroom dance!